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The Renewed Covenant

From the going forth of the New Covenant, the Church has been at war.  Its enemy chases it down and brutally murders it, that same enemy brings it before his councils and sentences it to death, and sacrifices its life for the entertainment of the mob.  That's how the enemy operates outside its doors, inside its doors is a different story.  Its on the inside where we see that subtle serpent of Genesis.  With his golden tongue of sophistry, tickling the ears of the unlearned, seducing them away unto another gospel "The Renewed Covenant".  

When discussing the "Hebrew Roots Movement" and/or their "Renewed Covenant" doctrine, we must keep in mind that this movement and more importantly their doctrine is not just some new harmless "Christian movement returning back to the roots of their Christian faith" as they would have everyone believe.  But, instead is a 2000 year old finely tuned machine, whos history shows its unrelenting dedication to the destruction of the true Church and of the doctrine of Christ and His Apostles.  

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