Welcome to, a site dedicated to the studies concerning the precepts contained within the writings of the New Covenant; the doctrine of Jesus Christ and His Apostles.  If you continue scrolling down, you will find access to our archives.  It is our hope that you find the articles informative.  We are open to any discussion of any of the papers that you would like to bring to our attention.  

The Hebrew Roots Movement

The Hebrew Roots Movement is a 10 part paper focused on the differences this "movement"  holds against Christianity.

The Gospel Scroll

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Doctrines of Men

In Doctrines of Men, there are papers dedicated to exposing specific false doctrines.  By comparing these false doctrines to the teachings of the Scriptures.



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Scripture Studies

In Scripture Studies, you will find our collection of studies that are focused on New Covenant precepts; that are found within the writings of the New Testament.